Cavalinho History & Design

Since 1975, Cavalinho has been an unquestionable presence in the Portuguese fashion scene. It all started with a small family business, and today Cavalinho is sold and enjoyed all over the world. With a young, professional team behind them, devoted to the continuous product development with roots in the north of Portugal. 
Every stage of the creative process, from the first sketches to the final handbag, reflects our tradition and search for perfection. This detailed and accurate work is the result of our craftsmen’s true expertise and total commitment to the brand.



The wealth of Cavalinho is built from our staff, who are dedicated workers with a talent for design and manufacturing. Each Cavalinho product embodies quality and exceptional know-how which make our customers feel delighted and trendy while carrying our handbags or wearing our shoes and accessories. Cavalinho North America is the exclusive distributor for Cavalinho products in Canada. Also serving the USA and Mexico, we are proud to be part of such a strong heritage offering local distribution for quick delivery in North America.  

We're more than just a brand. The design and production of all handbags and accessories are entirely made in Portugal, in our own offices and facilities in order to ensure an accurate finishing and total satisfaction for our customers.

For over 40 years, Cavalinho has been challenging innovation, invested in techniques and manufacturing methods. In the factory, in Sao Paio de Oleiros, designers and production team work together the personality of the collection and the detail of each product.

The success of the brand has three secrets - the use of noble materials from both Portugal and Italy, the design and the exclusive Portuguese production!