Cavalinho Canada
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Passion from Generation to Generation

A second generation designer, Manuel Jacinto Azevedo, created a symbol of timeless elegance, a tribute to craftsmanship.

Our red is for passion, and our horse is for strength and elegance!

Handmade in Portugal with high quality materials, Cavalinho products are a luxurious accessory for those who enjoy exclusivity.

Cavalinho North America

Head Office & Retail Showroom:

15 Cedar Point Drive., Unit #1

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

L9X 0R4

Phone: 705-733-8161,   Email:

Barrie, Ontario Store Hours:

Regular Business Hours:

Monday:                      Closed

Tues - Thurs:          10:30 - 5:00

Friday:                    10:30 - 4:00

Sat - Sun:                10:30 - 3:00