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Passion from Generation to Generation

A second generation designer, Manuel Jacinto Azevedo, created a symbol of timeless elegance, a tribute to craftsmanship.

Our red is for passion, and our horse is for strength, yet elegance in its movement!

Designed & Handmade in Portugal with high quality materials, sourced in Europe only. 

Cavalinho products are a luxurious accessory for those who enjoy exclusivity.

Gold Travel Luggage - 3 yr warranty

  • NOW OPEN Sat. & Sun. 10-4

    400 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario

  • Cavalinho moved to at Kozlov Centre on Bayfield Street July 2019

    NOW OPEN! Sat. & Sun. 10-4

    Come visit us in Barrie, make a day of it. Tour our waterfront

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