The Men's Collection

We're inspired by the modern man, who above all values unmatched quality, comfort & style.

We've been hand-making our pieces, with traditional methods and high-end materials for over 40 years. With every stitch, we keep you in mind, because we believe all our customers deserve the most exquisite, durable bags, shoes & accessories that can accompany them on every step of your journey.

  • BAGS

    With Cavalinho, anyone is able to find their perfect bag.

    Because a handbag is more than just an accessory, it accompanies you on your daily journey, completing your look and keeping important possessions organized and protected.

    Every season, our design team develops unique collections that consist of numerous bag styles such as crossbody bags, backpacks, duffel bags & more. 


    Discover a world of luxurious comfort and captivating style.

    You deserve to enjoy the unmatched style and comfort of a pair of Cavalinho shoes. Crafted from the finest materials, our handmade footwear will become your go-to for any occasion.

    So don't wait - find your perfect pair today to experience the Cavalinho difference in every step! 


    Regardless of where you sit on the plane, our luggage will make you feel first class.

    Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, from New York to Miami, L.A. to Toronto, or headed to Lisbon, you aim to do so with the same luxuries and comforts from home. Our Cavalinho travel department includes a wide variety of hardside and softside luggage, ranging in sizes that accommodate both low-cost carrier economy cabins to premium, business and first class flights.

    Our travel bags range in sizes for use on travel days or your whole trip. Some customers love them so much they quickly become their everyday bag too.


    When we design our wallets we consider all kinds of users. Ready to keep your money fashionably organized?


    Sometimes it’s the little things. We carry an extensive collection of fine leather cosmetic bag, change purses, belts & more. 


    Secret Passion For Him is an oriental fragrance with notes of bergamot orange and cedar to boost courage and strength.